Pre-Journey Checklist

Once you decide upon your Journey, we will send you a suggested packing list and other practical information in your Garreta Mobile Camps welcome kit to help you prepare for your great adventure. Here are the big picture items you will need before you depart.

What You’ll Need Before You Depart:


A passport that is valid for six months beyond the date of your departure.

International Airfare

Departure and arrival flights from your home to your Great Kenya Tours destination.


International Certification of Vaccination (Yellow Fever and other doctor-approved vaccinations)


Enough essentials to get you through your journey should your main luggage be lost or delayed in transit.

Credit Card(s) & Currency

Credit card(s) and USD currency in small denominations for shopping.

An Open Mind

The most important checklist item of all is yourself and your attitude. Prepare to be amazed.

Ready to start your adventure?

We’re ready to be your guide as you embark on the wondrous discovery of your own great story.