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We set up mobile camps, serve you with gourmet meals, a cup of brewed coffee, cold beer & a hot shower right in the middle of nowhere, creating a balance between hospitality and authenticity. Our mobile camps offer a stress-free, luxurious travel experience, without sacrificing what makes Africa so transformative. We’ll set up the camps for you on your adventure safari so you can focus on telling the story you were always meant to tell.

Experience Your Dreams

Embark on an unparalleled journey of opulence and exclusivity with Garreta Mobile Camps, where we present a realm of bespoke, private tented safari accommodations that span the breathtaking landscapes of Kenya’s esteemed national parks, reserves, and private conservancies. In these carefully chosen sanctuaries, our tented camps redefine the art of safari living, bestowing upon you an experience that is intimate, immersive, and incomparable.

Our canvas abodes stand as a testament to seclusion, their light canvas walls acting as a symphony, filtering out the ambient sounds of the African night while inviting the gentle breeze and the distant calls of nature to serenade your senses. Immerse yourself in a world where luxury and wild authenticity dance in harmony.

Canvas Dreams, Authentic Thrills

The heart of our tented camps lies in the spacious expanse of each dwelling—a haven of comfort where every detail is meticulously curated for your pleasure. Embrace the embrace of an en-suite toilet and a rejuvenating hot water shower. Your repose is adorned with regal options—a choice between a king-size bed or twin beds, cloaked in the caress of warm linens. The furnishings echo the sophistication of your surroundings, featuring bedside tables for convenience and solar-powered lights to paint your nights with gentle luminescence. To amplify your retreat, we extend the privilege of complimentary laundry services and in-house drinks, ensuring that your indulgence remains unparalleled.

Garreta Mobile Camps invites you to a realm where opulence intertwines with the untamed, where comfort nestles within the heart of nature. Your safari becomes an art, and every moment is a masterpiece.

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Unveil the Extraordinary in Our Private Camps

As the sun retreats and the stars grace the skies, our mobile haven transcends the confines of ordinary experiences. A hot shower amidst wilderness, a cold beer or refined libation beneath a canvas of stars, and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee—these moments are etched into memory, representing the unparalleled luxury of remoteness and the sophistication of solitude.

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