Choose your preffered Safari Camp

How do you want to structure your Camping adventure? Will it be with a group of like-minded people? A romantic getaway? Or will it be a shared experience between you and your closest friends and family? However you choose to experience the wonders of African Camping, we’re here to help you with the details. Embark on a journey of discovery, indulgence, and connection with Our Private Camps.”

Luxury Mobile Camps

Indulge in the pinnacle of opulence with our exquisite luxury mobile camp—an exceptional haven crafted exclusively for discerning travelers in search of an immersive and unmatched safari escapade.

Mid-Range Mobile Camps

Step into the realm of affordability without compromising on luxury with our captivating mid-range mobile camps—a coveted choice for the savvy traveler seeking a taste of opulence on their safari journey.

Budget Mobile Camps

Unveil the allure of an affordable escape without compromising on the thrill of a budget safari expedition – a coveted choice for the astute traveler seeking an exhilarating adventure that remains gentle on the wallet.


Have you found the perfect journey but want to add a little extra something special? Our extensions are the perfect option for any traveler who doesn’t want to miss out on any aspect of Africa.